Stool Side View.2.png
Stool Side View.2.png

Stool Redesign


Stool Redesign

REDesigned Stool concept



Redesign a stool out of cardboard that can hold up to 70 pounds of weight. 

During the ideation phase I worked on visualizing what physical design would achieve something tasteful while maximizing strength. I worked with a variety of geometric shapes in order to achieve a balance of the two.  

The main influence in my design was the shape of triangles due to its structural support as well as its aesthetic appeal. The versatile properties of a triangle allowed many micro variations along the process. A basic calculation of the design wall is sketched up on the left. The dimensions of the triangles differed by millimeters and required precise accuracy. 




A key aspect of this design was to create a successful configuration, that was aesthetic and economic. From this, I used the layout above and layered them side by side. I finally put the net on a sheet of paper to visualize the excess scraps. 

With just a 16x32 in. e-flute cardboard, the design fits perfectly with minimal waste. Something I found essential was being meticulous with detail. This meant double checking all of the increments, measurements, and tabs before using the X-Acto knife. When all of these details were exact, physically cutting and building the design came with ease. 



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